Top 5 Forest Murals


For a while now, feature walls have been the go-to decor for many people. Feature walls are ultimately fantastic. They look great, add a modern touch and jazz up a room. But are you fed up of seeing the same feature walls done over and over again?

Wall murals are an awesome way of refreshing your feature wall with a unique finish that will give your room the wow factor that you’re looking for.

Wall murals come in all different designs, but one of my favourites are forest wall murals. They instantly have a calming effect and look amazing in any room of your home.

I’ve put together my best picks from Wallpaper Ink’s Forest Wall Mural range that will leave you inspired.

Deep Woodland


This Deep Woodland wall mural is one of my favourites simply because it makes you feel like you are actually deep within the woods.

There’s no need for tonnes of accessories, the wall does the talking. Pair with plain bed linen, maybe add a few green cushions and you’ve got a room that will make others green with envy.

Springtime Forest


Springtime Forest –

This next mural is less dramatic, with a light and airy feel. Perfect for lifting spirits, this feature wall will look great in any room. Pair with wooden accessories and a colour scheme of soft whites and greens for a whimsical touch.

Still Woodland Sunset


Grow your room with this gorgeous Still Woodland Sunset mural, great for giving a feeling of space in any room that is on the small side. This feature wall is sure to calm you down after a tough day in the office and would look perfect paired with soft browns and pops of green.

Slanted Trees


Turn your room on it’s head with this gorgeous modern mural. Play with lines and add sleek edges with futuristic furniture. Pair with the new ‘it’ neutral, griege, a mixture of grey and beige for an ultra-modern touch.

Pink Fog


And last but not least, here’s my favourite. For a different twist on the traditional forest mural, this Pink Fog adds a splash of colour to your home. Pair with pastels for a classic yet modern look.

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